Rates and Booking

Certified Neuromuscular Therapists who specialize in chronic pain issues, but also enjoy giving our clients the relaxing side of massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy Treatment
Each Session is $80

A first session includes history intake, assessment before the massage & reassessment after. First session can last up to 2 hours. Every session thereafter is usually 1.5hr depending on location of treatment and severity of the issue. This is best for those who have chronic pain which has not been diagnosed, or issues that have been diagnosed (arthritis, tendinitis/osis,) or any joint or muscular issue you may be having.

Swedish or Shiatsu Massage
1 Hour: $50
1.5 Hr: $ 75
2 Hour: $100

Deep Tissue Massage
1 Hour $60
1.5 Hr: $90
2 Hour: $120

Hot Stone Massage
2 Hour $120
Body Scrub/Body Wrap & Massage
2 Hour: $120
Pre & Post Event Sports Massage: We are available to work Sporting Events doing pre or post event massage. You must contact us to check availability for your event. We have 2 tables and a massage chair to use for your event, and can recruit colleagues to work with us for your event (and they have their own tables). Pay is negotiable but is either by the hour and are paid by event organizers, or we charge nominal fees to the athletes and work for tips.
Corporate Chair Massage: $1/minute + tips, we book at 15 & 30 minute sessions
Quinn and Tim Sorensen