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We are both Certified Massage Therapists in the state of California, and are currently attending more advanced training for Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (Pain Management), at National Holistic Institute. We are very passionate about massage and helping those in need of what massage has to offer. Book now and you could be one of the lucky people that benefit from our growing knowledge   

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We at MassageDuo strive to provide an environment of acceptance, understanding and appropriate therapeutic care by furthering our knowledge at every chance, and educating our clients to help them achieve an optimum health and wellness balance in life

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Tim is a former nerd. He used to be an IT Admin for a startup in Silicon Valley. When that company closed its doors in Oct of 2008, he did some soul searching. It was time for a new career. While deciding on what he wanted his next career to be, his wife wanted to look into Massage and he found it to be interesting. He took the tour with her and hasn’t regretted it one bit! Tim seems to have a knack for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy, and techniques in pain management. 

Tim’s hobbies span computers, cars, hiking and going to the gun range. He's been building cars, or helping to build them ever since he could remember. Cars have been his one continuing passion throughout life. Computers are a hobby that keep him quite busy outside of massage; he builds them and still helps his friends out from time to time on technical issues.  Hiking has become a new passion that he really enjoys doing with his friends and family, and with hiking comes the ultimate adult hide and seek: geocaching. As for the gun range, firearms is something that you get in your system, and is a passion all of its own. 

What Tim brings to the massage world: he loves the feeling of knowing you have helped someone feel better. He enjoys the therapeutic benefits of Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, MFT & Deep Tissue. He also excels at Swedish, Chair Massage and Sports Massage. Tim has strong and capable hands to guide your muscles into relaxation and can find trigger points at the drop of a hat. You will be extremely relaxed and at ease after a massage with Tim.

Quinn comes to the wonderful world of massage as a former career executive admin. After 10 years in the Medical and Tech industries working behind a computer she knows all too well the much needed benefits of massage. After the last big economic downturn when she was laid off; she decided it was time to do something she truly loved, and to seek that out in a new career. She took a tour at NHI and instantly knew she had found her calling!


Quinn has many passions that keep her entertained when she is not at school or giving massages. She is a hobbyist photographer, snapping anything from nature and portraits to hot rod car shows and models. She is an avid reader, knitter, and movie buff. She is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and is determined to go skydiving by her birthday this year! She loves nature and animals, and will one day bring her massage career to an ever widening juncture by bringing healing touch to your pets. She believes that massage is just as important for animals as it is for humans.


What Quinn brings to the massage world: she fully believes in the healing and comforting properties of therapeutic touch. She has seen it bring someone from immense pain into relaxation, and she has helped those who cannot find sleep by any other methods to snooze happily on her table. She excels in Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy & Deep Tissue. She also enjoys Swedish, Shiatsu and Reiki work.